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Vegetable garden maintenance

Vegetable garden maintenance made to measure

Maintaining a garden doesn’t need to be an intensive labor.

Depending on its size and crops, the vegetable garden can take care of itself a lot of the time, allowing you to enjoy the moments of peace when harvesting or simply observing the bustle of nature around your crops such as bees pollinating or birds singing.

But at key times of the year, you can count on the support of Huertocity for heavier work, or those tasks for which you don’t have time.Mantenimiento del huerto urbano

We make regular visits to control weeds, pests or diseases that may appear, as well as harvesting and subsequent planting in the spaces created. This can include preparing the soil with fertiliser, tilling and recreating the beds, or simply just giving a cultivation table a boost of worm compst and sowing new seeds. You decide when and what we do.


1) we offer three months free advice for each garden we install as well as information via our web page and WhatsApp.

2) we offer didactic sessions at your home, where we teach you about the garden until you gain the confidence to manage the space alone.

Note, we are also gardeners and can offer you a full service of design, creation and maintenance for the rest of your garden, or even terrace or patio. See our gardening pages for more details.

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Benefits of a vegetable garden

There are many reasons for you to have a vegetable garden…


Because producing home grown vegetables connects us with our food chain.


Because eating your own veg generates an enormous sense of satisfaction.


Because you’ll learn about old production systems long forgotten in the city.

Natural cycle

Because gardening reminds us of nature’s natural rhythm and the need for respecting her.

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