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One of our goals is to stimulate home veg growing for the benefit of the people, their quality of life and the environment in which we live. For this end one of our main activities is installing “huertos urbanos”, vegetable gardens for individuals, businesses and schools, giving people a helping hand when and where necessary to ensure they get a good first crop of home-grown vegetables. By providing this support, we like to think that people will continue to grow their own, long after the installation, as there is nothing like a little success to spur you on to bigger and better things, and keep your meals bursting with flavour and goodness.

And as we want to help everyone, for the people confident enough to give it a go themselves without our help and support, we want to present our sister company Huertoshop. Here you can buy everything you need and have it all delivered to your door, and quickly. Click on the logo and have a look!

Huertoshop - materiales para huertos urbanos

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