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Garden design and landscaping

Professional garden design and landscaping services

Huertocity and its collaborators offer a complete garden design service as well as professional landscape architecture services for larger projects, both of the highest quality, and able to meet the needs of all of our clients.

All of our design projects, large or small, begins with an appreciation of the natural and underlying characteristics of a site, and thus its uniqueness (relief, natural features, surrounding edifications and existing flora). With this in mind, whether it be an existing garden or a fully natural space, we begin to explore the opportunities and potential for improving the use and aesthetics of the site, focusing on improving the experience of the owners or users, to bring them close to nature and to the pleasures of an outdoor lifestyle.

We take a project from design concept to completion, respecting and highlighting the personal needs, tastes, and desires of each client. We create beautiful, practical, and sustainable outdoor living spaces. Using our global experience, we work within a full range of styles–contemporary, historic, or regional–with a constant attention to details in the construction and planting to create a landscape that will flourish within the Mediterranean environment of Catalonia.

Dont forget to take a look at some of our projects to see their evolution.

Our garden and landscape design services include:

  • Detailed design and visual presentation of new or renovated gardens and landscapes.
  • Long range master planning and construction phasing of large gardens and estate grounds.
  • Technical and concept drawings for cost estimating and construction purposes.
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Fluent communication

We make sure our clients are well informed about all developments.

Wide experience

Our landscaping team bring experience from 3 continents

Efficient service

We complete our projects in a timely manner

Accurate quotes

We ensure that you have no surprises


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