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Garden maintenance

Garden maintenance

Huertocity offers a complete garden maintenance service in Barcelona, Cerdanyola, Sant Cugat, el Maresme and Castelldefels. For Huertocity and our staff, working outdoors is a pleasure, and we enjoy nothing more than carrying out our clients’ garden designs and the subsequent maintenance to ensure healthy growth and abundant flowering.

We firmly believe that a garden is an area for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors, and we totally apreciate that not everyone has the time or is able to maintain their green spaces to the levels they require. So whether it’s a weekly maintenance visit to keep things mown, clean and pruned to shape, monthly visits for seasonal planting and after care, or simply seasonal visits, for pruning and soil preparation for spring, we’ll fit our time to your needs.

Through constant dialogue we’ll ensure that our work meets your expectations.

Write to us or call us for more details.

Benefits of regular garden maintenance

Mowing the lawn

Frecuent cuts and timely treatments to keep it green and healthy.

Professional service

We take our profession very seriously and the healthy and beauty of your garden is our goal.

Hedge trimming

Seasonal pruning maintains a geometric shape with healthy new growth.

Healthy garden

With regular visits, we’ll get to know your garden and respond quickly to avoid problems.

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