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Cultivation tables

Cultivation tables

Many of our urban garden clients, predominanetly those with terraces, balconies and patios (as opposed to gardens), are limited by space. Thus when we discuss the options available, almost 9 times out of 10 they go for the Vegtrug cultivation table as shown in the image above.

The Vegtrug come in two sizes, a 1.80metre long model, as above (80cm high and 76cm wide) and a smaller 1m version is also available, also measuring 80 high and 76cm wide.

When clients order these cultivation tables, they simply have to open the door to us on the specified day, and close it again after. We’ll do the rest.

The price includes: the Vegtrug, transport, construction, organic substrate, seasonal seeds, seedlings and herbs which we’ll plant (with you if you have time, so we can explain some of the details). We’ll leave the cultivation table watered and ready for you to just watch it grow (that’s perhaps more poetic than the reality, but some water and the occassional weed and everything should run smoothly).Vegtrug with greenhouse

These cultivation tables have an optional greenhouse cover, to help improve winter crops, protecting them from the elements and raising the temperature just enough to get faster growth.

To date, the one I have on my terrace is now 6 years old and still going strong. It’s also moved house once, so they are robust and long lasting. Their deep middle, almost 40cm, allows long rooted vegetables (eg tomatoes) to grow happily, ensuring enough root space for them to develop well.

The prices for each cultivation table installed (in Barcelona city), including transport, construction, organic substrate, seasonal seeds, seedlings and herbs are:

– 425 euros  for the 1.8m long cultivation table and 70 euros extra for the large greenhouse cover

– 315 euros  for the 1m long cultivation table and 50 euros extra for the small greenhouse cover

The only extra cost will be parking, which depends on the area of installation. For a small extra transport cost we can install the cultivation tables in the surrounding areas.

Other cultivation tables are available, including metal tables, geotextile Bacsacs, and made to measure wooden raised beds. We also install irrigation systems when required.

Please write to us or call us for more information.

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